The Ex Factor Guide Review: Is That really work?

In this Ex Factor Guide Review we will discuss everything in details, so that you can take your decision easily. The Ex Factor Guide is an online dating strategy developed by Brad Browning. This program shows how to recover your ex, and states a success rate of about 90% if you follow exactly the instructions. It’s more than just getting back to your ex, The Ex Factor Guide can also get a deeper understanding of your current romantic relationship.

What is the  Ex Factor Guide? 

The Ex Factor is a dating strategy designed by Brad Browning that shows you how to win back your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s split into two different programs: one for women looking to win back an ex-boyfriend and one for men looking to win back an ex-girlfriend. There are no courses for same-sex couples. The Ex Factor revolves around a PDF e-book, which clocks in just shy of 200 pages. It’s around a dozen chapters of step-by-step advice on how to craft a strategy to re-win your ex. This book is augmented by a video series as well as an audiobook version of the PDF.

An overview of The Ex Factor

The course mainly revolves around the book itself: The Ex Factor. When reviewing The Ex Factor, I was given access to the women’s guide. So, what’s the guide like? The first part of the guide details reasons why breakups occur. The reasons given are reasons like “you’re too controlling, you’re not attractive enough, etc.,” which I found a little surprising. None of the reasons listed were things like “you’re not compatible,” or “he wants kids and you don’t,” or any of the dozens of valid reasons that people break up.

What Is “The Ex Factor Guide” all about?

Authored by renowned relationship expert Brad Browning, this book talks about how you can get your ex back. There may be different reasons why couples eventually break up. Nonetheless, such a situation can truly be heartbreaking and may even leave you crying and sulking for days.

When that much-dreaded break-up does happen, you might do irrational things that can do more harm than good. It’s understandable though – you might still feel confused about what happened and all you want is to get back with the one you love. The book also focuses on the common relationship mistakes that result in its downfall and ways to avoid it.

What are The Benefits of Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide has several benefits to those who use it correctly:

  • Helps rebuild your self-esteem.
  • Teaches you to identify your mistakes and helps you correct them to prevent them from happening again.
  • Stop saying or doing anything stupid.
  • Increases your chances of having a new and better relationship with your ex.

Why The Ex Factor Guide is The BEST Program To Get Your Ex Back

1.)   Reason #1… This program is based on real psychology and real science. Many experts will say that their program is based on “psychology” but They can bet you that most of them are full of shit. They actually took psychology at university and have pored through hundreds of text books on the subject… and the entire Ex Factor Guide program is based on this very research. And the numbers speak for themselves…

2.)   Reason #2… It offer the absolute best money-back guarantee in the entire industry. If you buy my Ex Factor Program today, you won’t get just a few weeks to try it out. No, you get a full 60 days to use and apply my secret techniques. That’s right – you get two full months to try out my program and if you AREN’T satisfied with the results you’re getting, you can just ask me for a refund. Every single penny will be given back to you, no questions asked.

3.)   Reason #3… This program ISN’T just some book. In fact, It offer a whole suite of media to help walk you through the process of getting your ex back. You’re not only getting the very best information possible, but you’re also getting audio AND video files that will help you understand the material better. It’s so easy that even the dumbest person in the world can pick it up and get into the material without a problem.

4.)   Reason #4… It has a separate program for both men and women. Many of my competitors will only have ONE program for both sexes – but anyone with even the most rudimentary knowledge of psychology knows that men and women react to certain tactics differently. If you see a program out there that’s designed for both sexes, then run for the hills – chances are that their program is full of pseudo-science that doesn’t actually work.

5.)   Reason #5… as it alluded to it earlier in this video, They also offer a separate personal coaching program that you can use in conjunction with my Ex Factor Guide. Not many competitors offer this kind of e-mail coaching at such a low price… and again, customers that get BOTH my Ex Factor Guide and coaching program have an extremely high likelihood of getting their ex back. 

6.)   Reason #6… The program is always getting updated. I don’t like selling a static program… if there’s something that can add… or if there are more strategies that can give you… They’ll update the program as soon as they can. That means you’re getting a dynamic product that will always be at its best. You can’t say the same if you decide to purchase another program.

What will you learn from “The Ex Factor Guide”?

Chapter 1 – This is where Browning discusses why he made the book. A lot of people experience heartbreaks and don’t know where and how to start all over again. He explains how he can help with your current love situation as long as you need it.

Chapter 2 – This chapter focuses on attractive characteristics you should have to maintain a good relationship.

Chapter 3 – On the contrary, Chapter 3 discusses unattractive characteristics your relationship shouldn’t have.

Chapter 4 – In case the inevitable happens, this chapter will help you prevent panicking and eventually accept what has happened. This chapter also offers tips on how not to make the situation worse – for one, pressuring your ex to go back to you.

Chapter 5 – This chapter discusses how to deal with the aftermath of the breakup. In this chapter, Browning recommends having a 31-day cool-off period to help you carry on your plan to get your ex back. This includes relying on others to help you deal with your recent breakup and other ways to keep you sane during the “no contact” part of your relationship.

Chapter 6 – This chapter deals with opening up to other people through dating. It also provides tips on how to tell your ex that you’re seeing others without looking desperate. This phase hopes to use jealousy as a way to make your ex miss you. 

Chapter 7 – This chapter discusses how you can respond in case your ex suddenly kept in touch with you.

Chapter 8 – In opposite of the previous chapter, Chapter 8 discusses how you should react if he or she does not want to keep in touch with you anymore.

Chapter 9 – This chapter discusses what to do in case you and your ex consider starting all over again through a “date”. At this point, you should be presenting yourself positively and all you want is for you to get back together.

Does the Ex Factor Guide work?

ex factor guide

The answer is simple, YES! When you receive the Ex Factor Guide you will have access to Brad’s 160 page guide, and you will also have access to this guide in its audio version. Also there is a three part video series called  “7 Steps to Sex Appeal”

The Ex Factor Guide comes with a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee. It teaches you how to FOCUS on what went right with your relationship and avoid the negative.

How much does the Ex Factor Guide cost?

$47 dollars. It’s a one-time payment that gets you unlimited access to the e-book, audiobook, and supplemental materials.

Is The Ex Factor worth the price?

If you want your ex back and you’re looking to employ some tricks in order to achieve this, then yes this book is worth it. If you’re looking for a book that dives into the heart of why you broke up, how to better yourself as a person, or how to value how great you are, this is not the book for you. The Ex Factor could be described more as a “tough love” format. You’re not fun enough. You nag too much. And it’s probably true – if someone broke up with you, then they weren’t entirely happy with you for a reason.

Does The Ex Factor Guide Have a Warranty?

The Ex Factor Guide has an unconditional 60-day customer guarantee. So your risk is zero, if you don’t like The Ex Factor Guide you can ask for your money back. The Ex Factor Guide You rely heavily on your method and therefore offer this guarantee to customers.

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